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I have 632 Subzero side by side refrigerator. The refrigerator part was no cold enough. I called D&V Appliance Repair and they sent a repairman to my house right away. When the repairman checked my refrigerator there were 2 items of news. The bad was that the compressor is dead and needed to be replaced completely. The good was that the repairman has all the parts in his van and could do it right away during the same visit. It was not cheap or quick job, but 5-6 hours later I had my refrigerator section cooling again. 5 stars for the quality of service!
Linda L.
I went online to find a company who could come and look at my refrigerator the same day. D&V was the one. They come quickly, checked the refrigerator and offered a solution which totally solved the problem. Thanks for a great product.
William G., Orange, CA
I had a problem with my Sub-Zero freezer, the temperature was fluctuating for some time and then eventually it stopped freezing at all. I searched for repair service, long story short, I found D&V Appliance Repair and I am glad i did. The best thing is that they can do the repair the same day. They also provide 5 year warranty on all parts they replace.
I had several appliances served and repaired by this company. The guys from D&V Appliance Repair were remarkable. The speed of support and attention to detail is quite phenomenal. If you are considering to use this repair service for you appliances issues then take it from me, you will be extremely pleased.
Lucas G., Anahiem, CA
Amazing service. They helped me on weekend this my refrigerator repair. Highly recommend.
Thank you for your very professional and prompt service when I really needed it. My Sub-Zero was not cold and a guy came to fix it. He found a freon leak and was able to fix it. Now the refrigerator is cold as it supposed to be.
Mary H. , Laguna Beach, CA

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